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Louise Clark

Hi. This photo represents the exact moment I decided to live my passions. I love UX/UI design, Javascript, Angular, Web Accessibility, WordPress, Human Rights Advocacy, and Jivamukti Yoga.


"Code is Poetry"

For the past decade I've taught History courses related to topics focused on Latin America and human rights at UNC Charlotte, Davidson College, and Wingate College.  My journey really towards software development began when I was awarded the Community Forward Scholarship to attend the 12 week Front-End JavaScript bootcamp at The Iron Yard in Charlotte.  This 12 week immersion program started with HTML, CSS, and SASS. We used Foundation to ground our work in responsive design practices. Design was followed by an intense study of foundational Vanilla Javascript, and corresponding Javascript libraries like JQuery and D3JS. Finally, we covered MVC design using both Backbone and Angular. My final project was an Angular project called Connecting Communities:  A Refugee and Immigrant Resource Network.

I was rewarded for my efforts with a software developer internship at Gordian Group.  It was during this internship that I knew I was in the right career.  I loved coding, researching, and agile style of product management.  This past September I was hired full-time as a Junior Software Developer!  Currently, I am really grounding down into learning my fundementals at an intermediate/advanced level.  I'm focused on HTML, CSS3, Angular4, Sass, Bootstrap4 and Gulp really well.  I'm also assisting my mentor and boss in the research and implementation of an enterprise level Design System.

My mission is to infuse the web with clean, beautiful design and empathetic flows.  My coding and design skills allow me an opportunity to transmit important messages to the world.  There are so many good ideas, movements, missions, and businesses out there trying to make our world a better place.  In my opinion, you can't underestimate the value of the platform that you use to reach out and connect with others.  I love researching design techniques, working with open source projects and coding solutions in order to deliver websites that clearly communicate a message and are pleasing to the eye.

Why did a professor of history and social activist turn to a career in web development?  Well, my love for coding began with a story.  On NPR I heard about a young Syrian immigrant woman who developed an app to help people flee bombs being dropped by the Assad regime.  Her app helped people find safe spaces quickly.

I was floored by the implications of her story.  I realized that my passion for social activism and bringing positive change to the world was going to be rooted in code.  That's why the values of WordPress (inclusion, accessibility, and the democratization of publishing) align so well with my own.  In the future, I plan to develop enough skills to write such meaningful software as did the young Syrian woman.  She is my inspiration.


Adding Application Insights to Angular

I love to watch tutorials, but I really learn when I write out the instructions.  Here's instructions from the following tutorial: Angular monitoring using Azure Application Insights by clouddeveloper.io . I figured I’d throw it up on my blog incase anyone found it useful. 

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Starting Over: How One Liberal Arts Loving Mom Found Success in Tech

Growing up I just knew that I would become an actress, singer, and dancer on Broadway. I spent all of my free time in classes, rehearsals, or performances. I did not, even for a moment, believe that my future resided in the tech industry.

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Learning Accessibility:
The Almighty Button


As  a software developer intern one of the aspects of my role concerns web accessibility.  Web accessibility is a pretty vital aspect to web design and development as it makes websites and software products inclusive for all those with disabilities.  


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A Quick Guide to Understanding Design Systems

“A style guide is an artifact of design processes. A design system is a living, funded product with a roadmap and backlog, serving an ecosystem.” 

~Nathan Curtis, Eightshapes

The journey towards building a design system begins after a company knows it’s vision, mission, and culture.  There should be alignment in understanding how products should function, look, and feel.  Once these factors are well established, it is the task of the design system to curate the feel and function of these products.


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A Brief History of the Internet & the World Wide Web

The development of the Internet and of corresponding technologies such as the World Wide Web have been nothing short of revolutionary.  In 1999 the National Research Council published Funding a Revolution: Government Support for Computing Research, which defined four distinct periods of development tracing the emergence of the Internet as a public utility.


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WordCamp US 2016

If you are trying to build out your first WordPress blog or website (even if you’re just thinking about it) than I highly recommend attending a WordCamp. Really, if you are working with WordPress in any capacity (designer or developer) I highly recommend attending a WordCamp. Actually, more than one. Once you go to one, you won’t be able to resist going to more. Many many more.


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Launching My Web Business Goes Bust


I am a new website designer. This past year I fell in love with the WordPress content management system (CMS). It began with building a website for my partner to help him launch his newly published book. I spent hours watching YouTube “how-to” videos, scanning Google, and reading books on html & css. Then I went to WordPress Camp in Asheville, NC and I knew I was hooked. 

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